When was the last time your sales trainer closed a deal with a local business?
We do every day. Over 5000 sales calls last year, netting Millions in local media sales!

Client 1st Selling

Complete Dynamic Web-based Sales Training
Performance Based Sales Transformation ... Cost Effectively

Available Training Modules and Segments

Module #1- Prospecting New Business

  • Getting Beyond the Rejection
  • Blinder “Best Bets” to Target for New Business
  • Goals/ System for Effective Prospecting (Phone or face-to-face)
  • Making 1st Contact to Gain Your 1st Appointment

Module #2- Rapport Building

  • What is Good Rapport
  • Building the Right Rapport
  • Adjusting Their Rapport
  • Finding the Right Rapport Balance

Module #3- Proper Call Prep

  • Why do the Homework
  • Exploring Their Traditional Media
  • Exploring Their Digital Footprint
  • Exploring Their Social Footprint
  • Exploring their Digital Visibility

Module #4- Performing a Necessary Ascertainment

  • The goal of a Perfect Ascertainment
  • The questions to ask in a Perfect Ascertainment
  • Using Your Homework
  • Probing for Budget & Expectations
  • Probing for Digital Interest & Viability

Module #5- Making Effective Proposals & Presentations

Module #6- Meeting Objections/ Negotiating a Close

  • Understanding Objections vs. Conditions
  • Countering Objections
  • Using Classic Closes

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