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Mike Blinder

About Mike Blinder

Mike Blinder started fresh out of college as a disc jockey who eventually became a sales manager for a group of radio stations. Afterwards, he went on to manage television and radio groups until a major communications company asked him in 1998 to help launch their online division for their Newspaper and TV holdings. From there Mike’s career blossomed moving on to consult companies of all sizes, all over the world on multimedia sales strategies.

Today over 350 media companies are clients of Mike’s company: The Blinder Group, a Florida based firm that assists in maximizing revenue for their clients, through effective on-site sales training/ revenue generation programs. Gannett, Hearst, The Chicago Sun Times, Canada’s Globe & Mail, India’s Hiunustan Times, Morris Communications, The New York Times Company & GateHouse Media are just a few of the companies that avail themselves of Mike and his team of “street fighting” multimedia specialists, who are experts at training traditional sales people on how to embrace all aspects of media sales.

The Blinder Group’s motto is “train in the car as well as the classroom,” which means that Mike’s team makes over 5,000 sales calls a year, on small, medium and large advertisers in a 4-legged” sales call setting with traditional ad reps, closing tens of millions of dollars of new business for his client media companies.

Mikes’ latest book: Survival Selling reviews the fundamentals of B2B sales. And, has been acclaimed as a must read by managers and sales people of all industries.

Mike lives in Tampa Bay, Florida with his wife Robin, 10-year old daughter Haven & Golden Doodle: Ginger.

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